Introducing Modern Self Defense and Training Center

We are so very excited to make our introduction to you, our students, friends and families!  There is so much to catch up and using this Blog to communicate is perfect!

First, we are very excited about our NEW NAME and NEW Studio!

IMG_5323Why Modern Self-Defense and Training Center?  “Modern Self Defense” was the name of Grandmaster Joe Rossi’s studio in Waterbury, CT.  This was the studio where Master Murphy’s instructors Grandmaster Bergamo, Master Labonte and Senior Master Serrano would train while they were coming up the ranks.  Our name is a nod to the past, while our philosophy and studio are very modern and up to date!

What does our logo represent? The colors yellow, red and blue directly relate to the colors of the Filipino flag.

Filipino flag circle

The colors and symbols of the Filipino Flag are shown inside the circle.

The style taught at MSDTC is American Filipino Kun Tao; a practical self-defense based martial art incorporating techniques of many styles, to make Kun Tao one of the most effective styles in the Martial Arts.  The symbols inside the circles in our logo are the Japanese Symbols for Family, Energy and Health.  In developing the philosophy for our school, we brainstormed what was important to us as a school, as people and as martial arts practitioners.

First and foremost is our Family: Our immediate family & friends, our students and their families, and our Martial Arts Family.

Master Clinton Murphy and his Family

Master Clinton Murphy and his Family

Second is Energy: Ki – the energy of life; it is positive thinking, a belief in yourself, your faith, your confidence, and/or a state of mind/body unification. Master Murphy has the “Ki” or energy symbol tattooed on his arm!

symbol for energy

Last is Health: the physical and emotional health of people of all ages; we aim to provide many different and interesting options when it comes to ones overall health at our facility.

Our new studio is located at 1120 Federal Road, Brookfield, CT.  We are hoping to have our new signs up soon, and look forward to meeting new students, hopefully seeing some familiar faces rejoin us and building our school one family member at a time!  Please look at our website at or email us at or call us for more information at 860-946-0597.  We look forward to seeing you soon!